Line Up

We have been working closely with local promoter Mark Delaine Smith ( to put together a line up of fanastic local bands to entertain everyone throughout the festival. The festival opens at 5pm on Friday, the Batemans Beach Bar will be open and we are building towards our first live band at 8pm! Then on Saturday and Sunday we will a have live music on the Armada stage all day with a range of bands, artists and DJ's to keep everyone entertained and bring the summer festival vibe! Local legend MC Bob will keep everyone informed of whats going on throughout the day and we go through till 11pm on Friday and Saturday night, and 6pm on Sunday. Check out the full line up below! 


5pm-8pm DJ and summer festival tunes

8-10pm  Filthy Contact

10pm-11pm DJ to close


12pm-1pm Blane

1pm-3pm Another Girl Another Planet

3pm-4pm Blane

4pm- 6pm Flat Dogs

6pm – 8pm  Under the Covers

8pm-10pm  Audio Tap

10pm-11pm DJ to close


12pm -1pm Blane

1pm – 3pm  Last Minute Brigade

3pm – 5pm The Great Pretenders

5pm – 6pm DJ to close