Lew: ‘So let’s get this straight, a kitesurfing ticket at the Armada costs £50 for the whole weekend Friday to Sunday’

Dan: ‘Yes’

Lew: ‘And for that you get your event rashie, which by the way look awesome this year..’

Dan: ‘ Yeah I love this years design too, and made from 100% recycled ocean plastic too..’

Lew: ‘Very cool. And you also get your BKSA safety boat cover all weekend’

Dan: ‘Yes’

Lew: ‘And the chance to kite for 3 days the awesome CBK beach which is usually members only?’

Dan: ‘Yes, and it’s £20 a day for Day Membership so…’

Lew: ‘Even I can do the maths on that one’

Dan: ‘Exactly, and it’s a great spot!’

Lew: ‘Plus you get access to the new Pro Demo and Coaching Zone with scheduled displays, coaching and chat on the beach from some of the best riders in the world?’

Dan: ‘Including Aaron Hadlow, Sam Light, Nick Jacobsen, Ruben Lenten, Tom Court, Olly Bridge, Tom Bridge, Hannah Whitely, Mark Shinn, Alby Rondina, Steph Bridge, Chris Bull, Rob Claisse, the GB Women’s Kitefoil Team and….’

Lew: ‘Don’t forget me!’

Dan: ‘Well you are hosting the whole thing mate...’

Lew: ‘Ah yes so I am. And we have the Red Bull truck down there so everyone will be able to hear me!’

Dan: ‘Yeah should be a great set up and hopefully fantastic atmosphere.’

Lew: ‘Plus the British Kitesurfing Champs will be taking place next to the Pro Demo and Coaching Zone right?’

Dan: ‘Yes, we want to showcase the best in British talent, so we love hosting the Champs at the Armada’

Lew: ‘Sounds amazing, and the charity focus this year is being hosted by Sam Light?

Dan: ‘That’s right! You can try to beat Sam on his Kite SUP Run challenge over the weekend, win prizes and help raise money for our charities – all included in your kitesurfing ticket. Use of a SUP is included too for anyone who needs to borrow one!

Lew: ‘That will be a lot of fun! Surely there can’t be anything else thrown in?’

Dan: ‘Well now you mention it you do also get a Kiteworld subscription, £5 of BKSA membership, £50 of a KiteWorldWide holiday, 20% off Ringwood ale online and 50% off a Windguru Pro subscription..’

Lew: ‘All this for £50?’

Dan: ‘Yes mate, as you know we want this event to be about bringing everyone together, and we have had such awesome support from the kitesurfing community over the years. The weekend kitesurfing tickets are exactly the same price as last year too, and looking at the capacity we have about 50 left.’

Lew: ‘Wow, that's good news! Although I guess some people still prefer to wait till the last minute and see if it's windy?’

Dan: ‘Yes some people do and that’s fine. Others prefer to guarantee their spot and get their tickets in advance, and it’s a little cheaper too as it helps us with managing the festival costs, so we are grateful to them!

Lew: ‘In any case, I have had a chat with Windguru and they have said not to worry, its going to be windy!’

Dan: ‘Ha ha, well that’s good to hear! Obviously we are all praying for a sunny windy weekend, and Hayling has been awesome in the past, but you never know. If people would rather wait that's all good - if we have kitesurfing tickets still available you will be able to get them on site.’

Lew: ‘It seems like there are more campervan spaces this year too?’

Dan: ‘Yes we have extended the campervan and camping zones once again – but even so, the kitesurfing community are clearly coming in force, as there are only a few left now!’

Lew: ‘It’s going to be epic, I can’t wait! Another pint of Hangtime, Dan?’

Dan: ‘There’s always time for Hangtime, Lew!’

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