New Armada MD, Mark Cole, outlines his early plans for the festival

It was over a year ago that we first met Dan & Julia and began to learn about their amazing journey building the Armada, especially at Hayling Island. Two weeks ago, we were delighted to sign an agreement to come onboard and help take the Armada to the next level. We are seriously excited to be a part of this venture.

As with any change, there will always be questions about who are these new people? What are they going to change? Are they going to take away the spirit of what makes Armada special?

So I wanted to say a few words about what we hope to achieve going forward. First and foremost, we think the Armada Festival is fantastic because it has the kitesurfing industry and community at its core. We attended the events at Hayling and Skegness and it’s clear that without kitesurfers coming together to support the events, bringing the energy and action on the water, and creating the atmosphere that makes the Armada what it is, and also without the industry producing and showcasing the best kit and designs, the Armada would not exist.

We want to ensure kitesurfers continue to be at the core of Armada Events going forward and we are already making plans to see how we can support kitesurfers even more in future. We also want to continue to play an active role in getting the word out about this fantastic sport, how everyone can participate with relative ease and how there are many amazing clubs, schools and businesses across the country that can help you learn, progress and connect with other kitesurfers.

As a sport, kitesurfing will be getting a lot more exposure over the coming years, and as it does more and more people will want to give it a go.  At our events we want to see as many kites on the water as possible showcasing the best kitesurfing has to offer - and we want to help the sport continue its upward trajectory. Of course, we also want the festival side of things to grow as well; but building strong relationships with the kitesurfing community and industry is our priority. I hope that over the next few months I will get to meet and talk with many of you in person, but in the meantime if anyone wants to get in touch please feel free to email me at

Thank you for taking the time to read this, I'm really excited about working together in future.

Mark Cole