Europe's biggest kitesurfing event!

The Armada was founded by kitesurfers for kitesurfers back in 2013 and Lewis Crathern and the team are looking forward to welcoming the kitesurfing community back to Hayling Island to ride together at one of the best spots in the UK. Over the years we have had everything at the Armada, from good sea breezes to super strong wind, from over-head waves to butter flat water; it's what makes the event special and the spot at Hayling so unique. 

Kitesurfing Activities

The Armada aims to represent the very best in kitesurfing, so there will be loads of activities taking place throughout the festival weekend with access to all the other kitesurfing activities taking place over the weekend included too.

Pro Kitesurfers at the Armada

Find yourself riding next to anyone from Lewis Crathern, Aaron Hadlow, Nick Jacobsen, Sam Light, Tom Court, Gisela Pulido, the Bridge family or many other pro's who come along - even Pete Cabrinha came previously and brought a little more celebrity sparkle to the festival! 

Pro Demo and Coaching Zone

The pro coaching and demo zone right on the beach is a main feature again this year, utilising awesome BBTalkin technology. You will be able to watch the pro's and the UK's best coaches giving demo’s and coaching, with live PA commentary direct to the beach. Get some tips, and hit the water to practice your new skills.   


British Kitesurfing Championships

Watch the very best in British kitesurfing talent as we host the British Kitesurfing Championships at the Armada, in partnership with the BKSA. With Junior, Amateur and Master's categories alongside the Pro's, why not enter yourself this year?! BKC tickets are sold separately, but include access to all Armada activities and your Armada rash vest,  so you only need to buy one ticket. 

Your Kitesurfing Ticket

Your ticket gives you full access to the beach and recreational kitesurfing zone over the three days of the festival, along with BKSA managed water safety provision, your event rashie and access to all kitesurfing activities, demo's and coaching zone sessions over the weekend. 

The Best Kitesurfing Community Event

'I travel everywhere with this sport and I love meeting kitesurfers around the world, but I can honestly say I have never come across a kitesurfing community quite like the one in the UK - it is unique and special and the Armada brings it all together.'
Nick Jacobsen, North Team Manager and Athlete