Join Sam Light's Kite SUP Run Challenge!

Pro kitesurfer Sam Light has stepped up this year to host 'Kite SUP Run' the main fundraising event of the 2019 Armada festival weekend.


The event is great fun and as far as we know the only triathlon of its kind. You kite a mile, run a mile and then SUP a mile to finish - all on Hayling Island during the Armada. We are aiming to run the event on the Saturday, with Sunday in reserve if the wind doesn't come through. Of course the main focus is raising money for good causes and with loads of people taking part it should be a really memorable event for everyone involved. 


To sign up and join Sam on Kite SUP Run 2019 - follow the simple steps at the bottom of the page. If you want to read more detail about the event, the fundraising and Sam's plans, please see our blog post here.  And check out Sam's video below about why he got involved and what happened when he took on the Kite SUP Run course himself!

How To Sign Up

To take part in Sam Light's Kite SUP Run challenge at the Armada just follow the steps below:


1) Buy a Kitesurfing Ticket for the event. If you already have one - excellent, please go to step two!

2) To confirm you are taking part in Kite SUP Run, just go to the Virgin Money Giving page here: Event Fundraising Page

3) Click on 'Start Fundraising' and follow the simple steps to set up your individual fundraising page. Please set a minimum target of £100 for your page. 

4) You're in! You will receive notification that you are registered to take part. Sam and the Armada Team will be in touch to welcome you to the Challenge. 

5) Please share your fundraising page with all your friends and family and ask them to support you! Or if you prefer, just make a donation to your page yourself. Thank you for your support.