The Kitesurfing Armada Festival was founded on fundraising, supporting charities and investing in grassroots kitesurfing projects - and this will always be at the heart of what we do! So far we have raised over £200,000 for charities and we have big plans to do more at the Armada this year. 

Today we are delighted to anounce that pro kitesurfer and local resident Sam Light has stepped up to host our 'Kite SUP Run' fundraising event at the 2019 Armada festival.

Sam wanted to get more involved with the charity side of the event, so this year he is leading the charge and looking for as many people as possible to join him on the challenge. If we can get loads of people kiting, SUP'ing and running for charity during the festival it will be an amazing achievment and could raise thousands for the work of the Armada Trust. There is a target of £100 to raise per person and in the past many have raised more, thank you! There will be prizes for our top fundraisers. 

So what exactly is the Kite SUP Run Challenge? Well for a start it's great fun, and as far as we know the only triathlon of its kind. You kite a mile, run a mile and then SUP a mile to finish - all on Hayling Island during the Armada. We are aiming to run the event on the Saturday, with Sunday in reserve if the wind doesn't come through. Obviously the main focus is raising some money for good causes, and we think its just the right level of challenge. It took most people around an hour to complete Kite SUP Run last year, and they definitely felt they had put some effort in! But you are also on your Armada weekend, so we don't want it to dominate everything or completely wipe you out!  So an hour seems to be the right balance, and with loads of people taking part it should be a really memorable event for everyone involved. 

Check out Sam's video about why he got involved and what happened when he tried the course himself!

So what are we fundraising for this year?

For the last 2 years we have run and funded the Kite and SUP Youth Tour with funds raised at the Armada.  Working together with the BKSA, our Tour visited spots around the UK and worked with local Kite and SUP schools to ensure hundreds of young people who would otherwise never have the chance to get involve with powerkiting or SUP boarding had the chance to take part, learn a new sport and have fun. Now we want to build on this work and do more - so this year we are again giving young people around the country their first chance to try powerkiting, but we will also be providing bursary's for those who need them, to enable young people who are really comitted and want to progress further to do so.

Our target is to raise £15,000 to ensure 200 young people around the country will get access to kitesports for the first time, with 30 of these young people then funded with a bursary to help them progress further, in partnership with local schools. The young people benefiting will also have the opportunity to attend the Armada next year and tell people about thier journey and what is has meant to them in terms of their confidence, health, motivation, life-skills and opportunities. We will also be supporting other local charities through the event, the Hayling Island First Responders and the new Hayling Youth Hub project, helping young people on the Island. If you love kitesurfing, please help us to share it with others and positvely impact young people. Join the Kite SUP Run at the Armada and help us do our bit for young people and the grassroots of our sport. This will be a really positive initiative and we would love to have you involved. Thank you!


Sign Me Up!

To take part in Sam Light's Kite SUP Run challenge at the Armada just follow the steps below:

1) Buy a Kitesurfing Ticket for the event. If you already have one - excellent, please go to step two!

2) To confirm you are taking part in Kite SUP Run, just go to the Virgin Money Giving page here: Event Fundraising Page

3) Click on 'Start Fundraising' and follow the simple steps to set up your individual fundraising page. Please set a minum target of £100 for your page. 

3) You're in! You will receive notification that you are registered to take part. Sam and the Armada Team will be in touch to welcome you to the Challenge. 

4) Please share your fundraising page with all your friends and family and ask them to support you! Or if you prefer, just make a donation to your page yourself. Thank you for your support.

Girl flying a powerkite on the beach
Child being taught how to fly a powerkite on the beach