The Kitesurfing

Kitesurfing Armada regulars will not need us to tell them that wind is a fickle thing! Over the last few years at the festival we have had everything from gale force to sea breeze to enough for foiling and not much more – we are in the hands of mother nature on this one and this year will be no different. But we are all hoping for the dream of a nice sunny weekend with a good sea breeze allowing us complete all the kiting activities planned, but as ever we will work with what we get wind wise and all have a great time regardless!

The festival will take place on the 22-24 June 2018 and you can kite on any one of these days so long as you are wearing your bespoke rash vest, which you can collect when you arrive and register.  Recreational kitesurfing will be available any time it is windy – except when the World Record attempt is on, which will then take priority. As the wind allows, we will be planning a load of kitesurfing activities from big air comps, foiling and pro clinics, boardercross, the British Kitesurfing Championships, taster sessions for beginners, the Kite, SUP, Run Charity Challenge and more.

The Kitesurfing

Back to the kitesurfing. This year there is so much going on on the water. And CBK Beach provides an amazing spot for kitesurfing, with sand bars delivering butter flat water around low tide and fun conditions at all other times! As we get closer to the weekend we will have a better idea of the wind we will have and can ensure the right activities take place.

The World Record attempt is just one of the many kitesurfing activities going on, and after the successful breaking of the Record two years ago, previously held by South Africa, we will be looking to extend our current record of 423 and break through the magic 500 kitesurfers barrier if we can! We know the kitesurfing community will be out in force at the festival, so if we get the wind as well – the Record is surely on once again.

The attempt will take place on either Saturday or Sunday depending on the wind, around the other kitesurfing activities taking place. As usual, a full safety video explaining all the plans will come out before the event.

Live webcam

Keep your eye on our webcam, kindly hosted by Hayling Kitesurfing Association (HKA) to know exactly whats going on down on the beach!

Safety Management

The Kitesurfing Armada has a spotless record for safety which we intend to maintain, and we are taking even further steps this year to ensure we can continue to run an event like this with so many kitesurfers involved. As always, safety boat support will be available on the water the whole weekend and fully qualified paramedics and first aid services on site at all times. And of course the vast majority of incidents can be avoided by everyone just looking out for each other as they would in any normal day on the water.