Green Armada

Plastic Reduction

We all love the oceans the plastic situation is out of hand and must be addressed. Thankfully there has been  a greater focus on this issue recently, but everyone has to do their bit. From our side we have pledged that wherever we can we will not use single use plastics at the festival: Goody bags will be made of paper, all food traders have been asked to use recyclable materials, we will be using re-useable or recyclable cups for all drinks bought at the festival and we are looking at other ways to go further where we can. There will also be a beach clean as part of the festival run by Southern Water and Surfers Against Sewage. Please get involved!


We are working with Norse South East to make sure we are recyling as much as we possibly can across the festival, please do help us in our efforts by making sure you put your waste in the correct bins. Anything that can’t be recycled will be taken away and burnt in a plant. The energy produced by burning non-recyclable waste is then being used to feed back into the grid.


This year we have partnered up with Camplight, a company providing pre-pitched recycled tents. Kieran from Camplight explains: “Camplights mission is to change the way people travel to and stay at UK festivals to a more sustainable model. Camplight has been set up as a solution to the problem of people leaving their tents at events. We do this by picking abandoned tents up before they end up going to landfill. We clean and restore them, and offer them back to festival goers at an affordable hire price. Better value all round than everyone buying cheap tents to lug to a festival just to leave and fill a hole in the ground. Basically we don’t leave festival sites looking like this picture after every one has gone. The result of all this is an environmentally beneficial company that clears up events as it does business! This is why our slogan is Clearing up Events – Hiring Out Tents.” If you would like to book a tent through Camplight please take a look at our camping page.

Protected Land and Beach

We are also partnering with Natural England and Hamshire and Isel of Wight Wildlife Trust to ensure the festival does no damage to the environment in any way. BBQs and fires are not allowed in the campsite for Health & Safety reasons but also to protect the SSSI land we are using and camping on at the festival. If you are using the beach, please note the Ringed Plovers will be nesting at the back of the beach in June and we will be putting up some signage to point this out to all beach users. For more info on the SSSI area we are using – please see:



Ringed Plover

Tawny Owl

Vegetated Shingle

What is it?

Sea Kale

Yellow Horned Poppy

Sea Radish

Sea Beet

Curled Dock

SSSI designation

SSSI Citation