Help us support Kitesurfing at every level!

We have just returned from a fantastic week in Dakhla with our good friends Christian and Karine, who run the awesome CK Performance Clinics. It was a chance to recharge the batteries before the final run up to the Armada, learn a few new tricks (first Dark Slide – YES!) and meet some great new people. It’s always the same with kitesurfers, there is a connection which means that in no time at all you are relaxed and enjoying being with a group of people you have never met before.  The community is fantastic – and nothing beats the first cold beer together discussing your last powered up session on the water, watching the sun set and the last few kites come in.

Anyway, where are we going with this? Just that kitesurfing gives us a great deal of amazing experiences and positive memories, and at the Armada we want to try to support the sport, and the community as much as we can.

The festival has been built around the kitesurfing community after all, so we want to try to give back through the festival and through the work of the Armada Trust.

So what are we doing? Well if you are a newbie, check out the Kite & SUP Youth Tour which we fund. It gives free access to powerkiting and SUP sessions to kids who have never had a go. This year we had 8 tour stops around the country and over 400 kids got involved!

At the other end of the spectrum, we recently awarded a £2,000 grant to enable some of our best young kitesurfers to attend the Youth Olympic Games qualifiers recently. A fantastic experience for them, and we feel it’s so important to support the up and coming generation of kitesurfers who dream of becoming the next Aaron Hadlow, Lewis Crathern or Sam Light – great role models who are fantastic ambassadors for the sport and the UK.

Kitesurfing clubs are the heart of the community up and down the country – and they have been a massive part of the Armada since it began. This year, if you are part of a BKSA club, we now donate back to your club one ticket price for every ten members who attend the Armada. To reinvest a little to support club activities is a no brainer, to find out more click here.

We also believe we need a vibrant and effective national championships. We have sponsored the British Kitesurfing Championships for a number of years we are delighted to see it going from strength to strength.  We will continue to sponsor the event and host a tour stop  – and there is now a £25 bursary per person available to help towards entry costs.

Finally, we love working with charities and this year we are pleased to be supporting the guys at Access Adventures with a free stand and some promotion – they are doing amazing things getting people with disabilities in kitesurfing and other sports. Go and see them at the festival!

Please help us do more!

You can help us do more and get your Armada kitesurfing ticket for FREE by signing up for the awesome Kite SUP Run event at the festival. It’s a unique and fun triathlon and helps raise valuable funds, which we can invest in kitesurfing at all levels as well as enabling us to support a number of other great causes. Just tick Kite SUP Run when you book your kitesurfing ticket here. Everyone’s a winner! Thank you for your support. See you at the festival.